Julia Davis

Julia Davis


Julia teaches classes that recognise the cycle of life, the seasons and the menstrual cycle.  Each class includes breathing practices, stretches and strengthening practices and Yoga Nidra (she trained in Yoga Nidra with Nirlipta Tuli). All her classes have a strong Womb Yoga content.  She completed her British Wheel of Yoga Diploma in 2004, she is also a qualified Prenatal Yoga teacher and trained with Yoga Birth in Postnatal Yoga.  She has a Teen Yoga qualification and is a Total Yoga Nidra teacher.  Her practice and teaching is influenced by the Bihar School, Scaravelli, John Stirk and Uma's "Yoni Shakti" and Womb Yoga training.  Classes are taught from her home studio in Finchley, North London and include, womb yoga, over 60s yoga, pre and postnatal yoga and yoga nidra.  She also teaches one to one classes on request and creates bespoke Yoga Nidra practices.  Her facebook page is @finchleyyoga1 


Maple Close Studio
N3 1AS
United Kingdom


Well Woman Yoga Therapy (Womb Yoga) Teacher Training