Self-Hypnosis with Total Yoga Nidra: a more relaxed, positive pregnancy and bonding with baby

This twice weekly class is especially for pregnant women at any stage of their pregnancy, every Tuesday and Thursday at 7 - 745pm.
Come along and try your first session for free (please email to arrange this). You are then able to join as often as you like throughout your whole pregnancy for a one off payment of £109.

What Nirlipta is offering you is time for yourself, in the company of other women going through similar journeys, and a consistent pattern of very deep relaxation, of being taken into a trance state similar to that of late pregnancy and in labour, a ‘zone’ that is most conducive to normal physiological labour and birth, of facilitating you taking yourself into trance and of a strong sense of bonding with your baby in the fertile garden of your mind. This is about your empowerment as a woman with a normal gestation, making the best of your own inner resources.

  • Each session begins with a check in for each pregnant mum to see how they are. 
  • Then follows a nidra, adapted as necessary according to where you are in yourself, often with the imagery for example, of a garden (which is a thing that appeals in pregnancy) and an introduction or a re-introduction to self-hypnosis. Very deep relaxation is integral to this process. 
  • There is an opportunity for questions and a dialogue depending on what is happening with you on that particular day. 
  • The whole session takes a little under an hour.

Each week, session by session, you will experience going into a wonderful state of deeply relaxing trance, bonding with your child inside, as you travel through the landscape of your pregnancy together. The sessions get better and more powerful as you go on.

All you have to do is attend, lie down, listen, relax and enjoy. Your deeper mind knows what to do, so that you can feel as well as can be, confident in yourself, and strong with your child.

Nirlipta has been working with pregnant women for nearly thirty years. He is a trained as a clinical hypnotherapist and has done a lot of work with pregnant women for pregnancy and labour (he still does labour preparation with hypnosis in nidra for women individually). These long years of experience and of working with his partner Uma Dinsmore-Tuli have led him to now offer this ongoing course for pregnant women, so that they can have a more comfortable, relaxing and optimistic pregnancy.

In this age of post-lockdown, social distancing, masks on, and of course, of Zoom, he wishes to offer this for as many women who can benefit as feasibly possible.