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Yoni Shakti Well Woman Yoga Therapy Teacher Training

with Uma Dinsmore-Tuli and contributing tutors, including Sivani Mata Francis,  Tara Windmill-Robson (Independent Midwife) Cecilia Allon Yoga Teacher and Environmenstrual Activist) Virginia Compton (Yoga Teacher and Ayurvedic Massage Therapist) Maren Weege (Maren Weege (Pregnancy and Birth Yoga Teacher and Doula)  Other tutors from our team of Yoni Shakti Yoga Teachers will also be present to support the online learning experience.  

Saturday 5th to Sunday 13th December 2020
Uma is delighted to welcome you to this exciting opportunity to complete her YONI SHAKTI Well Woman Yoga Therapy Training course ONLINE for the first time! Over ten years of running this course live all over the world has lead to the opportunity to share these authentic and effective teachings of Yoga Therapy to support and nurture women’s vitality at all stages of life.