Over the years, a number of recordings of womb yoga sequences have been made by friends and colleagues on trainings, courses, classes and retreats. Thank you! It's a delight to share them with everyone here. The intention is that these videos will help you to recall practices you may have encountered in classes and trainings, and the encourage you to make them your own, letting the basic sequences unfold and develop according to your needs. Instructions for all the sequences are in part one and part three of yoni shakti, and some are currently available as downloads in the form of teachers' handouts. As more become available we'll upload them for you to use. Enjoy…

Being in the cycles

This is a yoginis' version of the Dance of Life - we are practicing at the Santosa Yoga Camp in 2012, and you can hear the song that goes with the practice. You can also hear Fanore the dog barking at the beginning. This practice is valuable as a Kriya, a cleansing and shifting practice and it is described and illustrated in Yoni Shakti 517-214.

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