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If you have enjoyed viewing or listening to the free visual and audio material available on this site please consider the value you place on this material. Perhaps you may like to contribute to support the maintenance of the site and to enable me to make further uploads for you to access in the future?

If you have had a consultation with Uma, either a one-to-one session in person or via Skype, or a mentorship session about professional or teaching issues, then please use this page to pay for the time you spent together with Uma.

The hourly rates for Skype or telephone consultations are £30 per thirty minutes.
London one-to-one sessions are £90 per hour
Stroud or Bristol sessions are £70 per hour
Ennistymon sessions are sixty euros per hour.

Please enter in the box the amount owing according to the length of your session.

Thank you.

If you feel you'd like to donate more than the minimum price then please specify how much you'd like to add as a donation.