Mahavidya Yantras

10 Mahavidya yantras on the yoga room wall in Stroud

To celebrate the Source Power which is YONI SHAKTI, I offer a different yantra each day for rolling cycles of ten days throughout 2014. All ten of the yantras for the Mahavidyas (the great wisdom goddess) will be displayed in this inter-web gallery, each Wisdom Goddess taking the page for a day.

To see the full cycle of Wisdom Goddess yantras, please consider making a visit to this page each day for ten days, and remember to RELOAD or REFRESH the page so that you can see the presence of a different goddess on your daily visit. Think of it as a kind of special, extended on-line puja (sacred offering)! By uploading these images I am inviting you to acknowledge and honour the powerful energies of these goddess forms.

Each yantra relates to a different one of the ten great wisdom goddesses. In the second part of Yoni Shakti, these ten goddesses form the structure through which the entire life cycle of women's experience is explored at the level of spiritual transformation. And each yantra is associated with a range of female siddhis.

The yantras are painted by my husband, Nirlipta Tuli, in oil on linen, and the original images are 4 ft square. It took Nirlipta over seven years to complete the series, and currently they all hang together on the wall of our yoga space in Stroud. Beautiful full colour reproductions of these images are included in the final section of the book Yoni Shakti. For details of workshops and study sessions to explore the tantras in greater depth, please visit

In the following gallery, each yantra is accompanied by some text. The writing reflects on the meaning and power of the Mahavidya associated with each yantra, and how her power resonates at different times and during different experiences of a woman's life. The text here on the site is an edited summary of the full text presented in Part Two of Yoni Shakti. For a fuller exploration of each yantra and the goddess whose energy she holds, please consider reading that part of my book.