List of acknowledgements

Thanks to

Meryl Dinsmore-Drew, Marinella Benelli, Ali Woozley. Swami Satyasangananda Saraswati and the late Paramahamsa Satyananda Saraswati. Gyananjan and Gyanmurti at Shraddha yoga centre in Italy. Mukunda and Chinnamasta Stiles. Elizabeth Stanley and everyone at Yogacampus, especially Berenice Wurz. Angela Farmer. Nicole Forman-Levitas at Yoga Form Antwerp, Katerina Shlyakhova at Birthlight Moscow, Vivi Letsou at NYSY studio Athens, Angela Georgeson at Yogamum in West Yorkshire, Susan Hopkinson and Sophie Girard-Sequiera at Inspiration Yoga in Brussels, Therese, Fiona and Mary Tierney at Yogaloft in Cork, Trea and Kevin Heapes at the Santosa yoga gathering at Pure Camping in County Clare, Ireland and Bodil Stentebjerg Olsen at Yogamudra in Copenhagen. Christopher Gladwell and Sarah Harlow at Yogasara Studio in Bristol. Dave Brocklebank at Burren Yoga and Meditation Centre. Graham Stanley. Sophie Leek. Penny Fuller. Alexandra Pope. Colette Nolan, Jo MacDonald, Eunice Laurel and Annie Leonard. Lindy and Ranju Roy. Lucy Crisfield. Sandi Sharkey. Paul Walker, Martin Wagner and Zoe Fargher-Blanc at Yogawords. <a href="">Ben Jarlett</a>. Mark Singleton. Anne O'Brien.

Special thanks to my husband, Nirlipta Tuli for the many drawings and paintings that bring womb yoga and the wisdom goddesses to vibrant life on the page.

Grateful acknowledgement is made to the Hosking Houses Trust ( for their residency in 2011, without which this book would not have been completed at all.



I am grateful to Mother Maya (Maya Tiwari) for kind permission to include the śakti mudrā and mahā mulādhāra mudrā (p.xx), both of which originally appeared in em>Woman’s Power to Heal Through Inner Medicine.


Appreciation and thanks are offered to Lotus Press, publishers of David Frawley’s Tantric Yoga and the Wisdom Goddesses, for permission to quote extensively from his descriptions of the ten Mahavidyas. Figure 2.1 (Indus Valley Proto Siva) is reproduced courtesy of Images of India. Figure 2.2 (Indus Valley meditating figure) and Figure 2.3 (Indus Valley terracotta female figurine with infant)are copyright Harappa Archaeological Research Project/, and are reproduced courtesy of the Department of Archaeology and Museums, Government of Pakistan.


Many thanks to Sofya Ansari for teaching me the head-tilt mudrā (


Gratitude to Mukunda Stiles, whose taḍāsana vinyāsa and setu bandha vinyasa (from Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy) form the basis, respectively, of the feminised swaying palm tree sequence ( and the womb elevation bridge sequence ( Mukunda’s development of the Joint Freeing Series (from Structural Yoga Therapy) is, together with Satyananda yoga’s Pawanamuktasana practices (from Swami Satyananda’s Asana Prāṇāyāma, Mudra Bandha), the foundation for the Series for Complete Liberation of Energy (