Welcome to yonishakti.co. This site shares many words and images, sound and videos all connected with my new book Yoni Shakti: a woman's guide to power and freedom through yoga and tantra.

Signed copies of the book are available to buy on our sister site Womb Yoga and also from Yogamatters.

If you are looking for the PRESS RELEASE FOR THE BOOK then you can download that here too: Yoni Shakti press release - immediate release.pdf 

YONI SHAKTI was launched in London on Saturday 15th March 2014. Further launch events are unfolding in the following places, so if you'd like to celebrate the arrival of this book, then please do consider joining me in Dublin, Reyjavik, Moscow, Copenhagen, Warsaw, Bristol, Leeds, Limerick, Stroud, Warwick or Glastonbury. A full schedule of these events will be uploaded shortly. Meanwhile the womb yoga calendar shows you where in the world I am and what events are on offer.

Yoni Shakti can be translated as source power. It can also be understood to mean cunt power. Cunt is an old and powerful word. It is the only word in English that accurately describes both visible and invisible female genitalia. And cunt has only relatively recently become designated as an offensive insult. Thiink about this for just one minute … The only word we have to describe the most intimate part of a woman is considered to be such an ugly insult that its use is banned on national radio. This is a sign to me that something is very wrong in our attitudes to women's bodies and the words we have to describe them.  Part of the intention of Yoni Shakti is to raise our awareness of the power of language and its effect on our health and well being as women.  So if the word that describes our intimate parts is a hideous insult, we need to reclaim that word, or perhaps, use its equivalent in another language: yoni shakti = cunt power. Connecting positively with the word cunt can connect us to the source of our power. As an experiment, try listening to the two sister yoga nidras on the audio page that use the words YONI and CUNT interchangeably. Which, i wonder,  helps you to connect more powerfully to your source energy?

This site and all the downloads are here to deepen understanding of this source, the feminine roots of yoga practice, and to support the practice of yoga that honours and respects femininity, womb cycles and the deep cyclical wisdom of women's cycles. At a wider level, this respectful honouring of women's cycles is also an honouring of our mother, the earth, and so womb yoga practice can be seen as a radical practice of deep ecology.

To support this womb yoga, and the source power which it liberates, the site contains a manifesto for womb yoga, excerpts from the book, and some beautiful yoga nidras specially recorded to support the practice of yoga for women at evry stage of our lives. You will also find ten vibrant yantras (geometric representations of the energy of the goddess) each expressive of a different Wisdom Goddess.

Each one of these powerful tantrik goddess forms resonates with a particular form of awareness. Each one of the great wisdom goddesses is explored in Yoni Shakti as a particular dimension of consciousness associated with different cycles of women's lives. Month by month, the whole gallery of all ten goddesses and their yantras will be welcomed to the website, starting with Kali, the maha-mahavidya, (great, great wisdom goddess), the central organising principle of the whole cycle of feminine wisdom.

I hope you enjoy reading and viewing this material, and that it serves to support a global raising of consciousness, that respects the necessity to honour the cyclical wisdom of the deep feminine.

With great respect and love, I invite her wisdom to unfold through our practice of yoga across the planet

Uma Dinsmore-Tuli

Womb yoga : Many yoni mudra sequence

A selection of yoni mudra (source power gestures) in a flowing sequence. Detailed instructions for all these mudras are presented in chapter five of yoni shakti.